Our Team

Who are the cogs that run this huge machine? We're an easy going bunch of honest, hardworking individuals. We have our ups and downs, we have our laughs. We have lots of "Would anyone like a drink?" and sometimes "See that Jaffa Cake, that was my Jaffa Cake" What's the one thing that makes us happy here? Seeing our paycheques. Joking, It's being satisfied that you're content. If you didn't buy from us, we wouldn't be here. We owe each and every one of you something, so we want to be kind and helpful in return. ... we can't offer you a spare Kidney though.

Goran - The Boss


The Boss
  • Hobby Working Long Hours
  • Favourite Dish Egg & Cress Sandwich
  • Favourite Film The Incredibles
Amy - Chief of Customer Service


Chief of Customer Service
  • Hobby Spanish Music
  • Favourite Dish Pizza
  • Favourite Film Despicable Me
Chris - I.T. Specialist


I.T. Specialist
  • Hobby Rallying/Racing
  • Favourite Dish Steak
  • Favourite Film Spaceballs
Debs - Purchasing Magician


Purchasing Magician
  • Hobby Moto GP
  • Favourite Dish Chinese
  • Favourite Film Grease
Andrew - Team Leader


Team Leader
  • Hobby Painting
  • Favourite Dish Sweet & Sour Pork
  • Favourite Film Lady & The Tramp
Barry - Executive Stock Controller


Executive Stock Controller
  • Hobby Music
  • Favourite Dish Curry & Chips
  • Favourite Film The Italian Job
Robert - Dispatch Executive


Dispatch Executive
  • Hobby Rock & Roll
  • Favourite Dish Lagsagne
  • Favourite Film How To Train A Dragon
Maria - Admin


  • Hobby Dancing
  • Favourite Dish Ceasar Salad
  • Favourite Film Chicken Little